Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A bunch of pictures as a 10 month old

Hannah is now 10 months and taking advantage of her army crawl. She was cracking me up yesterday because she was so happy and proud of herself as she made her way around the house. I caught her smiling as she crawled so many times. She has been pushing up onto all fours from a belly position, so continued progress is being made. The pic above is her crawling underneath our table. The pictures below are of her making her first attempt to explore the kitchen! She went from one thing to the was so cute.

Below is Hannah with her new standing/walking toy we are borrowing from cousin Jed. She hasn't figured out the walking part yet, but she loves to stand.

Here she is eating cheese. It made me laugh when she was shoveling it into her mouth and it was hanging out all over. She thought it was funny, too!

One of Hannah's big achievements in the last couple of weeks is her learning to clap!!!! She loves to clap and will usually do it when we say "clap Hannah"!

After nap time, she almost always wants to go over and play with her mobile bears.

We have a new nephew, congrats to Tiff and Jeff on baby Joshua! My sister in law Casie and my nieces Emery and Elena went with Hannah and I to go visit them.We stuck all the girls in the backseat. We had to squeeze hard to get them buckled in back there!

Hannah with Grandma Ringger...

Hannah holding her cousin Josiah's sweet.

After 10 months, Hannah still absolutely loves her white "magic" blanket.
She loves to rub it up in her face.

I love her toothy smile!
Hannah being Mommy's helper as I did laundry.
For some reason she likes to sit in the laundry basket.
The other morning I found her sitting up in her crib when I came in. That was a first.
Lastly, her favorite toy right now is her singing teapot. Have a great week everyone!
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Elaine said...

She's so cute! Be careful w/ her in the laundry basket. Gretchen was sitting in it one day, and leaned over. She hit her mouth righ on the tile floor. I was so afraid that she busted her tooth out, and that she'd be toothless! Thankfully, she wasn't, but I was scared to death!

Casie said...

So so so cute!! I love all the pictures :) What a sweet adorable baby girl! I love her!!

Maddykay said...

I want a singing teapot!!!

Paul and Allison Davis said...

I think I said, "Oh that's so cute!" at every picture! It's so much fun seeing the little new things Hannah learns every day!
Love, Allison

Liz Todd said...

Oh, this is SUCH my favorite baby age! I love her little face--so proud and independent! I remember realizing with Caedmon that his little personality was really starting to emerge at this point. And, you know, it turned out that what we were seeing REALLY WAS little Caedmon beginning to take form! Hannah is absolutely adorable in every way. Keep the pictures coming!! :)

Erika, Jason, Haley, and Caden said...

SO cute...Hey I think I recognize some of those clothes!!! =)