Thursday, February 18, 2010

The End of 9 Months

Above is Hannah's 9 month picture with Maya. I started to think about Hannah's 1 year birthday party this week since it is only a couple months away. It really is so crazy to me that she is already that old. Since she has top and bottom teeth now, her new thing is to bite down on her blanket or bibs and yank them out. She continues to be more and more interested in finger foods, including chicken, ground beef, hard boiled eggs, minced bacon, corn, peas, and her favorite...shredded cheese. Half of it ends up on the floor or in her highchair, but it is fun to see her learn to feed herself. Maya is learning to hang around the highchair and clean up the scraps!!

Hannah and I laying on the floor while reading 10 Little Ladybugs, which happens to be her favorite book of the moment (thanks Aunt Joy)! Her new thing is to try and flip the pages of the book. She is starting to become familiar with some of the books and touches the same things on the pages every time.

Hannah on Valentine's Day in her adorable red dress, pink tights, and red boots! The above pic is the face we see when she isn't getting what she wants. How quickly it can stop when we figure out what she is mad about!

Here she is trying to crawl off the chair! Hannah has progressed into a more typical army crawl now. A new video is at the bottom. In the video I say something about it being faster, which in reality it is still a pretty slow way to get around the floor. She will get there...

She loves to stand at this table.
She has taken a couple small "cruising" steps to reach things on the table.

Maya and Hannah were looking at all the snow we got this past week. Nate has had 4 days off of school from all of the crazy winter weather!

She loves to reach out and touch faces as well as grabbing for glasses. Here she is playing with her own pair!

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Jessica Fuller said...

She's a cutie! They do grow up fast! One of these days your baby girl will be 8 just like mine! AHHHHH! :) Each "stage" is so fun though and you're doing a great job of documenting all of it. I wish blogging had been popular when my first was born.

Paul and Allison Davis said...

LOVE all the pictures!!!! My favorites (hard to choose!) are Hannah and Maya looking out the window at the snow and Hannah with the glasses! SO CUTE!
Hope to see you Sunday!