Friday, March 12, 2010

Hannah is becoming more adventurous every day. She is easily pleased and has so much fun exploring. Although she definitely likes attention, she really plays great independently around the house and in her crib after naps.
Below are some pics of her from this week.

Hannah has the sweetest smile. You can kind of see her top teeth in this picture. She has one really big tooth, and now two other top teeth have broke through totaling 5 teeth!

Nate lowered Hannah's crib, and the next morning she was standing in her crib when we went in to get her. Good timing! She loves to pull herself up.

Last week I said that she likes to touch her bears after her naps. This week she figured out she could stand up underneath them and touch them on her own!!!

One of Hannah's new things the last couple of weeks is her nodding her head up and down. She loves to raise up her chin like this.

Here is Hannah with Grandpa Ringger and Great Grandpa Ringger...

And Hannah with Great Grandma Ringger.

Playing with her ball popper

Hannah with her cousins Josiah and Jed. This was the best pic I could get. Most of the time Jed and Hannah were trying to crawl the opposite directions!

Hannah has also learned how to scowl. She doesn't necessarily do it when she is upset, I think she just likes the feeling of her furrowed brow.

Below she is standing up on her toy, which she likes to do often now. Have a great weekend!
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Casie said...

So CUTE!! The pics just get better and better! I love the one with her big tooth and her furrowed brow!! What a sweet and fun little personality! Give her a kiss from all of us!