Saturday, March 27, 2010

11 months

Hannah is learning new things all the time, surprising us with what she knows how to do. We figured out that she knows the words "dance" and "stick out your tongue" and will actually do both when prompted. It is so adorable. I wonder what else she knows???

This girl LOVES cell phones. We decided to get out one of our old cell phones for her to play with since she has been accidentally calling people with ours. Of course, she still found mine and couldn't decide which one she really liked (above). She has started to put the phone up to her ear like she is talking, so that is pretty cute (below). She must see Mommy do it a lot!

My friend was telling me I should try out coloring with Hannah. She liked pulling the crayons out of the box and spent a lot of time tasting them...not much coloring was happening though! It was worth a try :)

Nate and Hannah watching some March Madness b-ball together. Whenever Nate would clap she would clap too. It was really sweet.
Below is a pic of all the Clark grandkids. All of us Mom's are staying home this year with the kiddos, so we got together to hang out. Although they aren't in the pic, my sister Amy also came with my nephew Jed, and another friend Amy came with her two sons Jace and Will. We had so much fun. Little Joshua, the baby boy on the left, is the newest Clark baby.

Here is Hannah looking at her picture book of people that love her! She loves to look at books. Every morning after she finishes eating, she immediately leans over my lap to look into her book basket. Hopefully her love for books continues to grow! Speaking of growing...I started making things for her birthday party since her 1 year birthday is quickly approaching. It is sad and exciting all at the same time!

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Elizabeth said...

Hannah is learning so many things! I love the pic of her and Nate clapping together! :)

Alli and Phil said...

So cute. The coloring will come. Keep trying. Luke still eats his crayons...

Casie said...

So sweet!! Those are some of the best pics yet! I love that she eats crayons, and can't decide which cell phone she wants. The picture you got of the kids is a great one!! They all look so adorable together :)

PS. The new pattern on your background is exactly the same as the fabric on Laney's "mini" baby blanket!

Christy said...

Isaac does better with the Jumbo crayons. They're like the same size as markers & easier to hold. I think Mom got them at Meijer.