Sunday, January 6, 2013

Leading up to Christmas

 We had a wonderful Christmas, filled with tons of fun activities and family time.  I know it is already January, but I haven't had a chance to post Christmas pics until now, so here they are :)  More to come!

1.  Picking out our Christmas tree! It is such a fun tradition that we do Thanksgiving weekend every year! 
 2.  Decorating the Tree...Hannah and Seth were excited to get out all the decorations!

This little tree went up in their bedrooms.  It rotated between rooms each night :)

Seth loved playing with the decorations/snowmen on this table.  We had to put the nativity scene up higher because he broke two heads off within 30 minutes of it being out, but all of these decorations were free to play with :)

 3. Advent Chain activities-   We had three advent countdowns going on throughout Decemeber...a paper chain with activities to do each day,  a new Christmas book to open each day, and a sticker book.  The kids were so excited to do each one every day!! Above is one of our paper chain activities... "camping out" by the Christmas tree. We didn't actually sleep here, but we laid by the tree and let the kids tell stories about the ornaments.  It was interesting what they came up with :). 
Christmas countdowns
 And below, eating dinner by the Christmas tree. This made them really excited as well!
 4.  Santa...Our local firestation had "breakfast with Santa".  Seth was willing to give Santa a high five, but Hannah stayed as far away as possible.  She liked the thought of Santa, him in books, movies, etc, but definitely did not want to talk to him or sit on his lap!  She told us she didn't like how he says "ho, ho, ho"!  She did write him a letter asking him to bring her a big baby doll :) He answered her request!

 4. Christmas Parade-  Our local community has a Christmas festival and parade every year right around Christmas.  They have a "snowball" fight before the parade using these foam balls.

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