Sunday, January 27, 2013

Getting ready for little bro/sis

 We are getting so excited for Baby #3 to make his/her arrival in the next couple of weeks.  I am officially "full term", so baby can come anytime :)  We are thinking he/she will probably be born right around Valentines Day if we go by the past pregnancies and births.    Since we are being surprised by the gender this time around, we can't fully get the nursery ready, but we have been getting all the newborn boy and girl stuff out, washed, and ready :) Every day Hannah likes to help me get something cleaned or picked out, which has been really sweet.  She prays for "the newborn baby" everyday, asks me questions about what we will do when the baby comes, how the baby is going to come out (ah!!),  and wants to suggest names often. Whenever I am putting her to bed, she usually says, "Let's talk about babies." Seth talks about the baby a little bit, but I really don't think he knows what is happening!  Today he was lifting his own shirt up and said he was "cleaning his baby" as he rubbed his belly, ha!   I made the kids their big bro/sis shirts and we bought a "take home outfit" for each gender. The newborn clothes are so teeny tiny...can't wait for our baby to wear them!!!  I'm feeling really good still, which I am thankful for. Baby is moving a lot, seriously has to be one of the coolest things ever. Sometimes he/she is going so crazy I can hardly concentrate on anything else.  When Nate puts his hand on my belly though, the baby calms right down.  Pretty sweet.   Below is the most recent belly pic at 37 weeks. 

 And...a few snow pics from a couple weeks ago....

 Nate makes crazy big snowmen with the kids each year...

 Our version of sledding...Nate pulling them around in the yard :) 

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