Friday, January 11, 2013

Christmas Eve and Morning

 We were able to spend most of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day at home this year, which was really nice.  Here are a few pics from our Christmas service at church.  Hannah sang "Away in a Manger" up on the stage for her first kids performance!  It is kind of hard to see her, but she is in the middle with a white sweater on and big black bow!  She was so so excited to go up on stage, talked about it for weeks, and then looked like she was about to cry while she was actually up there!!  Nate told her that if she forgot the words to just dance, so at one point she was definitely swaying back and forth :)  We were proud of her. She looked so cute up there.

Here is the picture of the two of them on Christmas morning before they opened presents. They were excited to see that Santa had come!

 On Christmas Eve, we told the Christmas story using the Nativity Scene.  They were excited to actually be able to play with it since we had to put it up to keep Seth from breaking off the heads!
They really were able to retell the story and loved talking about "Baby Jesus" throughout the holiday season.
 Putting out Christmas cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve!
 Opening stockings on Christmas Eve.  I think their favorite gifts were the snack foods, flashlights, and Dora/Superhero bandaids, ha :)
 Opening presents Christmas morning...Seth's favorite gift was his musical guitar and his stick horse that sings.  He jumps around and plays that thing all the time! 
 Hannah specificially asked for this "big baby" and was very very happy that Santa brought it for her!  She loves this doll so much.  She takes her everywhere with us, talks to her in a baby voice, calls her really is cute to see her "mother" her baby. 
 Seth and Nate reading one of his new books.  Seth still is crazy about books!
 Hannah reading to Seth a Christmas book...
 Finally, Christmas morning we decorated a rice krispy train that Aunt Marianne had sent to them.  They had a lot of fun!  It was a great Christmas!!!!

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Looks like such a great holiday! :)