Monday, December 10, 2012

Happy 2nd Birthday Seth

 Happy Birthday to our 2 year old!!!  I love our kids' birthdays and taking the time to reminisce about the day they were born!  Seth's life has brought us so much laughter and love.  He has kept us on our toes from the very beginning, surprises us with his sweetness every day, and makes us laugh at his randomness.  I love the stage he is in; speaking in sentences and talking all the time, running/jumping/climbing/throwing whenever he can,  dancing without any music,  Mr. Independent, belly laughing, excited to see family and friends.  He finds his little bottom in time-out a fair amount of times, but he is also very willing to share and help out!  He is learning things like crazy, singing the abcs, counting up to 12 sometimes, memorizing bible verses,  noticing everything around him.  We love our Seth so much!  Here are some pics from our birthday celebrations...

 Here Seth is with is birthday balloon after waking him up with the birthday song!

 Hannah picked out "Cars" Squinkies for his birthday.  He really loved them, and she was so proud of her gift! 
 Cookie Monster birthday party!!! 

 Eating pizza for his birthday.  The morning of his birthday I asked him what he wanted for breakfast and he said "pizza"! :)  He loves it.
 In his cookie monster tshirt.  Below he is showing his muscles, or "big boys" as he likes to call them.

 Cousins and grandparents...

 Eating cookie monster cookies!

 Clark Birthday party after Thanksgiving...

 Seth really likes birthday hats!

 All the cousins...

 Loved blowing out his candles!!!  Definitely a slobbery blow!

 Opening presents with the help of his cousins.  Below, he is jumping on his new trampoline from Papa Jack and Maggie!!!
Happy 2nd Birthday Seth!!!

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