Saturday, February 9, 2013

Welcome Hope Ann

 We are so happy to announce our new little GIRL has arrived!!  The surprise was worth the wait!  Hope Ann arrived on February 3rd at 12:30 pm.  She is our little Super Bowl Sunday baby :)  She was 20 inches long,  7 lbs 5 oz,   and adorable as ever!  We are so in love.  There is not much sweeter than cuddling a newborn.  She has added so much joy to our home already!  I know personally, I couldn't be more thankful for such a supportive wonderful husband to parent our THREE children with, and Hannah and Seth are just the sweetest Big Brother and Sister.  Hannah is SOOO happy to have a baby sister.  She seriously wants to hold Hope all the time.  She has cried most nights at bedtime because she doesn't want to say goodnight to Hope.  She has really been a great helper.  Seth on the other hand is more interested in playing , but shows interest in Hope once in awhile.  He likes to bring her her paci and rock her in the baby bouncer seat.   When people ask her who she is, he usually says "I don't know" and then gives a little smile.   Oh...just such sweet blessings.  Below are a bunch of pics from our first couple of days as a family of 5 :)

 Both Grandmas were the first family to meet her! 

 Papa Jack, Maggie, Grandma, and Pawpaw
 Papa Jack, Nate, Pawpaw, and Hope
 Fun to have some visitors in the hospital...Hope with some of her aunties and Grandmas
 Because of the flu, the hospital had a no children policy while we were there.  So sadly, Hannah and Seth could not come to meet her until we went home.  We did skype with the kids so they could meet their new sister.  It was a pretty sweet moment. 

 Watching the Super Bowl while snuggling with Hope!  We later found out that one of the top commercials of the Super Bowl involved a Clydesdale pony (in Budweiser commercial) that was named "Hope" after online voting.  Funny super bowl connection :) 

 Getting ready to leave the hospital...
 Going home outfit...

 Hannah finally meeting Hope for the first time!  Could she be any prouder???? Pure joy!
 Seth was more excited to jump and play with his new balls ( thanks to some sweet friends)  when he got home!  He did want to hold Hope a couple days later, for about 30 seconds! I was glad I snapped this pic quickly, ha! 
 Our first family picture...

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teresa said...

So thankful that your precious little Hope is home. Enjoyed all of your pictures and comments of how big sister & brother are doing. Such a special first glimpse picture of Hope's grandmas. Her grandpas look very thankful, too. God bless your dear family.