Thursday, February 11, 2010

Mixture of Events

Last weekend we had two events...a baby shower for my sister and a Colts Superbowl party. Both were great fun, but sadly our Colts didn't come out victorious which was very disappointing. I am always sad when their season is over, but since time flies by (did I mention Hannah is 9 1/2 months old...ahh), I am sure the next season will come soon enough. I hosted the baby shower and it really was a lot of fun. Above is a picture of Hannah with both of her Grandmas at the shower! How cute is her outfit?!

Above is Hannah with the shower balloons. She has been pretty excited about them all week.

The diaper cake I made for Allison and Baby Josiah...

My sisters, Mom, and Grandma with Baby Josiah at the shower!

Hannah at the Colt's party. She is wearing one of my old jerseys that I cut the sleeves off of and tied in the back. She looks cute with the little football and Nate loves the game, but we will NOT encourage her to be a football player :)

Playing with Aunt Lindsey at the Colt's party.

Hannah is trying to pull up on things all the time, but her little arm muscles are just not strong enough yet! She almost has it though...I'd say give her another week or so :)

She is becoming quite the messy eater at times. Her latest thing is to swat at the spoon, which sends food flying. This girl just piles in the food. Tonight she nursed, then ate two full jars of food, a bowl of cereal, and continued to feed herself rice, toast, and crackers one fist full after another. She cracks us up.

This is a common position we find Hannah in when we come to get her after she has been sleeping. She tries to peek over the crib railing and is just staring at the door waiting for us!

Hannah is always trying to pull Nate's chest or armpit hair. I know, sort of gross, but also funny.

Below you can see all 3 of Hannah's teeth. She has been grinding her top and bottom teeth together!!! Not a very sweet sound, but oh such a sweet goofy smile!

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Paul and Allison Davis said...

Thanks for an amazing shower! Hannah's pictures are SOOO cute! I loved her pink jersey!
Love, Allison