Friday, February 5, 2010

9 month Pics and Videos

Here are some random pictures of Hannah we have taken in the last week.
I like the picture above because of her long eyelashes and kissable chubby cheeks!

Hannah has been rolling over to sleep on her stomach the past couple of weeks. I found her with her legs hanging out of the crib the other night. She didn't seem to mind :)

One of her very favorite things is when we rub our faces into her belly.
She just giggles and giggles. It is so cute.

She is really starting to love books.
If she starts to fuss, a lot of times giving her a book to look at will make her happy!

Just looking cute in her leopard print pants!

She got into a bookshelf when I wasn't looking! Might be time to "baby proof"!

Nate had just finished throwing her up in the air in this picture (below).
That is another thing she loves to do!

At the end, there are 2 of her waving hi and the other of her attempt at an army crawl!
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Casie said...

LOVE all of the pictures!! So so so cute. Great videos too - her wave is precious and the army crawl is too funny. I love the legs hanging out of the crib :)