Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Summer Catch Up

Wow, it is October and I am just now finishing up summer pics!  Life is busy!  We've had some big milestones with all three kids...Hope went from sleeping all the time to sitting to crawling and pulling up, Seth got potty trained,  & Hannah is in preschool!  They make each day fun!

Here we are at Mounds State Park.  Kids loved hiking and seeing the Indian Mounds.  Seth asked if that is where the dinosaurs were buried :)

Fun at Minnetrista! Nate took the two big kids on a little adventure to give me and Hope some quiet time!

We went to Illinois to visit Grandparents!  Great Grandma Na had a tea party for us.  It was so sweet!

Every year we like to go to Colts Camp!  GO COLTS!!!

Seth really loves SpiderMan, Superman, and Batman!!!

Hannah's First Day of Preschool!! She LOVES it! We are so proud of all that she is learning.

Who needs a van when Nate can figure out how to fit all three kids in the back of the Prius?? (We do have a van, too :)! )

Hannah is playing Old Maid.  Guess what card she wants someone to pick???? Ha!

Hope holding her bottle like a big girl (5 months old)

5 months old smile

4th of July Baby
Conner Prairie with Grandma and cousins (above) and the Movie Theater with Mommy (below)

5 1/2 months, starting sitting up!!
This is one of my favorite pics of her!!! So precious.  She really is as sweet as she looks!

Nothing sweeter than cuddling with your sweet baby
 Day trip to Fair Oaks Dairy Farm with Grandma and Aunts/Cousins

Reading, reading, reading

We went to Splash House with some of our good friends.  It was a COLD day, but we still had fun!

Happy 6 months to Hope!
6 month birthday

Hannah is proud of what she has taught these boys, ha!

Hope starting to eat food!! She loves it.
Hannah with all her babies.

Seth's playdough creation!

Hannah wasn't tired...

Fun at the museum!!

State Fair Fun!!!

Hannah's first time riding a horse (4 1/2)

6 months old

Seth 2 1/2

Hanging from a tree!
Hannah loves going in and playing with Hope in the mornings!

Messy baby!
Seth loves search and find books! He is really good at them.

Seth 2 1/2, Hope 6 months, Hannah 4 1/2

This is typical of Hannah. She loves dress up!

Baby on the move!!! Crawling by 7 1/2 months

Love the sprinkler

Hannah is pretty proud she can hold Hope standing up!

Oh, so sweet! Her happiest time is after her nighttime bottle!

With some of the Clark Cousins

4th of July

Hannah and Seth attempting to feed Hope

Blankets Grandma made for each of the kids when they were born!

Weekend at the lake with BOTH Grandmas and Papas!  This is easily one of the best weekends for the kids!

Hannah and PawPaw playing softball

Maggie and Hope (6 months)

Hope- 6 months
Fall Pics are next :)

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