Wednesday, August 21, 2013

NY/NJ Trip

 Some of Nate's side of the family lives out east, so we made a quick trip out with Nate's parents to visit everyone.  The kids were excellent troopers with all the traveling and extra excited to be with Nate's parents for 4 days! We had a really really fun time!!! The kids are still talking about NY and finding Statue of Liberty all over in books and pictures!  You'd be surprised how many places she pops up, ha! :)  
After our 10 hour car ride, we went straight to the Jersey Shore!
Leslie bought them some shades at one of our stops!

 We spent two short mornings in NY city, one time with Nate's parents and one time with the four of us (Baby Hope stayed with Maggie!)  .
In the City in front of George Washington statue

Statue of Liberty behind us

Such a happy baby with all the sightseeing!

9/11 Memorial

We attended the  "family reunion"  out on Long Island at the Benner Farm!
Seth on the tractor

Seth on the tree swing!

Hannah and Hope

Hannah and Seth holding baby bunnies
 Second trip to the city! We took the train in this time!
Hannah and Seth on the train with Nate's cousin Dana and her boyfriend Scott

Just got off the train!
Stopped at Bryant Park to ride the Carousel

Magic Show in Bryant Park

 Times Square

Ended the trip with a family graduation party!  It was a great trip!

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