Friday, November 1, 2013

Life Lately...

Here you go, lots of pics from the last couple months :) 

My attempt at getting a decent pic of the three together!  Not easy!!

Hope 6 Months in this pic

This is my favorite

Little Beauty

Making playdough for her preschool class

Hope loves eating paper!

I love getting this happy baby in the morning!

Hannah and I were chatting as Hope slept

Sweet Hope

Seth playing at the playground

The kids love finding these cicada shells! ah!

(Hope 7 months)

Monkey cousins

Seth 2.5

Storytime at the library

First time flying a kite

Hannah is really really into writing her letters and words

Lazy Sunday afternoon watching the Colts!

What #3 gets in her crib thanks to the big kids!

Seth and Hannah going to school

Johnny Appleseed Festival

With Maggie at the Johnny Appleseed Festival

At the Apple Orchard

picking apples with cousins

Seth thinks going in and out of the highchair is so fun

Seth and his IU skateboard

Hope and Hannah

Hope crawling up the stairs (8mo)

Hope playing with Maya (8 months)

Fun Run for Riley Kids

Flower Girl, Superman, and Batmat!

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