Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Princess Hannah Turns 4!

 Hannah Joy had her 4th birthday in April!  She LOVES her birthday and is a pro at counting down and planning for what she wants it to look like. Of course,  she wanted her party princess themed.   On numerous occasions she asked me to log onto pinterest so she could look at princess cakes, ha!  We had a great time celebrating our sweet special girl. 

Some pics to document our celebrations:

On her actual birthday, Grandma Ringger came up to spend the day with us.  Hannah requested pancakes for breakfast, so we went to IHop! Then she wanted to go to petsmart and see the animals!  So that is just what we did :)

at Ihop

At Petsmart
  Later that night, Hannah's best friend Claire came over for pizza and cupcakes!

To celebrate with cousins, we went to a gynmastics place (which she absolutely loves doing) and went and got icecream. 

Getting her nails painted for her birthday...
 Opening gifts on her actual birthday...

Seth picked out this Little Mermaid bath toy and some princess lip gloss for Hannah!
 Princess Party with all the family...

Making a cake with Grandma

All the cousins

We love you Princess Hannah!!!

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