Monday, May 6, 2013

Lots of Pictures

Here are a bunch of pics from the last month or so.  Pictures from everyday life at home, pics from a trip to Atlanta, time with family, is full and fun :) 
Love Seth's smile

Seth loves making this silly face

Hope is about 1 month old in these pics...

Cousin Emery holding Hope

All swaddled up in the blanket Grandma made for Hope

I love how Seth is feeding her the bottle, but he looks so awkward doing it!

Nap time, except little baby is not sleeping :)

She is starting to like a blankie right up next to her face

Hope loves playing with these balloons

enjoying the spring weather

/Hope with Great Grandma Witzig

Hope 10 wks old

SMILES!!! Melts my heart. She is also talking with us lot which is adorable!!!

When Hope was 5 wks old, Nate and I (and Hope) went down to Atlanta for a church conference. She was such a trooper and just the sweetest baby. 
Tiny enough to fit in our conference bag :)
We also got to spend a little time with Uncle Steve, Aunt Bonnie, and Cousin Sam while we were in Atlanta!  Sam is a just few months older than Hope. It was sweet to see them together :)  While we were gone, Hannah and Seth stayed with Grandma and Pawpaw, and got to spend some time with Aunts and cousins too!!!

Easter 2013...
Easter egg hunt at a local church...

Hannah and Seth with their buddy Claire

Coloring pictures about Easter

Mommy and Hope (8 wks old)

Cousins on Easter

Girl's Easter dresses
Easter baskets...

Hannah and Seth cooking up their own creation.  They acted like it tasted great, but really it was terrible.  :)

Hope 2 months old...

3 precious kids.  

Hope 2 months with Maya

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