Sunday, July 7, 2013

Summer Fun

 We have been busy this summer and having a ton of fun!  We love our three sweeties!
This pic makes me laugh!  Seth was sweetly holding Hope and Hannah photo bombed the pic :)

Hope loves the bumbo seat!  (4 months old)

Camping in the backyard! They slept all night in the tent with Nate.

Seth moved into his big boy bed!

Can't get enough of this sweet smile! (3 months)

Hannah surrounded Hope with her baby dolls

Hannah with her favorite babies :)

Mother's Day 2013! So blessed!

Seth's favorite bible story is "Jesus on the Cross". He picks it everytime. We found him outside in this position and said "I'm nailed"

Clark family gathering at the lake! This is all of Nate's brothers/wives/kids and his parents :)


Hannah was really proud of this puppet she made all by herself!

Seth just helping himself to a snack

Hannah and Seth playing "doctor"

3 months old

Seth and Hope

Seth's version of a motorcycle helmet :)

Hannah is working on writing words

Playing school at the musuem

We spend a lot of time outside riding bikes!

Hope loves her blankie! Cover her eyes and she is out!

Mother's Day breakfast with Grandma

Seth loves his sports

Relaxing in their chairs

Reading with Maggie and cousins

Hope in the bouncy toy (4 months)

Seth  said he was watching PBS kids on his cell phone (that is nonworking) while he was exercising just like we do!

Seth helping Nate build our shed.  He loved handing him screws!

At the TinCaps game

At the zoo with cousins

Hope is trying to put everything in her mouth (4.5 months)

They had a blast "driving" this car at the local carnival

Making waffles for Daddy for Father's Day

Precious 3

Hannah Joy

Seth and Nate painting the shed

Strawberry picking!  Hannah did great filling her bucket.  Seth did great eating them! I told him he had to have 2 in his bucket when we left :)

Hope with all the strawberries!

Putt putt

Putt Putt

On a walk with Maggie and cousins

Seth learned how to ride his spider man bike (2.5 yrs old) !

Grandma took the kids to Chuck E Cheese!

Love this face (5 months)

Hope doing her baby crunches (5 mo)!
Family bike ride :)

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