Thursday, February 21, 2013

First Couple of Weeks

Valentines Day
 Here is a bunch of pics from our first couple of weeks as a family of 5.  Thankfully everyone is still adjusting well to having Baby Hope around.  She is such a sweet baby.  We are getting to see her awake more and more lately, which is fun!  She wasn't sleepingl at night unless she was being held, but after finding out she wasn't gaining weight very well, we started supplementing her feedings and she has been sleeping SOOO much better now. So thankful!   Her little tummy just wasn't getting full enough I guess.  She still loves to be held though :) She usually goes about every 3 hours between eating, sometimes a little longer stretch at night.  She was in our room for the first 2 weeks, but as soon as she started sleeping better, into her room she went!  Thankfully we can watch her in the video monitor :) Hannah and Seth are doing great. They have enjoyed all the extra company we have had around.  We are so thankful for all the help from family and friends these first few weeks.  They love sharing a room together and are really good little buddies.  They play so nicely together most of the time, which helps when I am busy taking care of Hope!  Enjoy the pics:
Valentines Day -  11 days old

Hope all wrapped up in the new blanket we received from Uncle Tim and Aunt Susie


Bedtime stories

Maggie, Aunt Tiff, and cousins Josh and Caleb came for a visit

Swaddled up at night

I love this face after her bath

Hannah is so good at holding Hope! She can actually be a little possessive when people come over and want to hold her!

First time giving her a bottle

Seth trying out the bottle, too

My sister Amy made this "HOPE" shirt for Hope! So adorable!


Kisses from Seth

Seth reading Curious George to Hope

Hope watching her brother and sister dance!

18 days old
Reading to Hope

Hannah and Seth "playing" with Hope

Maya and Hope

Papa Jack with the kids

Reading books with Daddy


Elizabeth said...

What a beautiful family! Love all the pics!

JeffandTiffanyClark said...

Love all the pictures and she is getting bigger! You can totally tell!! Can't wait to see her again soon. Love your sweet family.