Monday, November 19, 2012

November Update

 With Christmas card season coming up, we have been attempting to take some pics of the kids!  Here are a few we got :) It is hard to get them both to smile at the same time. 

 I wanted to get a few pics of Baby #3 and the kids as well. Next week starts the third trimester!  I can't believe how fast the pregnancy is going.  I am feeling really good, thankfully.  I love being pregnant as usual :)  This baby is extremely active...if I slow down for a minute he/she is kicking away.  At my last appointment the doctor said I was measuring exactly to the week and heartbeat has been in the 140s.  Nate and I are both predicting boy...we shall see! 

26 weeks!

 Hannah dancing and Seth climbing.  This is typical! 

And a few random shots from the past month...

Playing in the raked pine needles!

Playing Wii!  Seth has not figured out that his "wii board" doesn't work, ha! And yes, they both have bandaids on their faces.  

They play so sweet together. 

We have started "Friday night pizza and movie night!"  The kids love it.  Their favorite movie right now is Annie!

Lastly,  Nate celebrated his 32nd birthday!

Kids making cake batter cookies! 

Enjoying the cookies together!

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