Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Last Couple of Months...

The kids have been growing up so fast!  Here are some new things about our toddler and baby! 

Hannah: She is  2 yrs 4 months (but if you ask her, she is 2 1/2. Daddy taught her that a little early :).  She is very friendly, but sometimes it takes her a little while to warm up.  She always has way more fun in a small group of kids, unless she is with her cousins and then she is totally herself! She likes to help me cook in the kitchen.  When at the park, she finally goes up the stairs and down the slide by herself without me watching.  She is still not able to jump off the ground, ha, but she does like to try to jump, LOVES to run with her little arms swinging,  and really dances when we are at library story time!  She still spends most of her play time reading books, pretending to talk on the phone, or talking to her baby dolls and taking care of them.  If she catches me watching her  when she is in her "own world", she usually asks me to "talk to Daddy", or "play with Seth", or something like that. It is funny.  Her most used phrases..."Little bit",  "I'll be back",  "umm, sure", "I want to go fast",  "  a question and then "ok?" , "Come in", when she wants us to come to her room,  "Help you", "Hold you", and " Hannah's turn"!  Lastly,  I have been letting her give Seth his bottle or push him in the stroller once in awhile.  This makes her SO happy!  She is such a sweetie!

Seth:  He is going to be 9 months old tomorrow.  I remember this bittersweet feeling when Hannah got to be about this age.  I love all the things he is doing and how is personality is coming out, but then I get sad because he doesn't seem like a baby anymore!  Time really just goes to fast and is so precious with our little guy.   The first few months of Seth's life, I couldn't tell much of a difference between him and Hannah.  That definitely changed! He is all boy, really strong and very active :)  He is into exploring everything, crawling, climbing, cruising, walking with a push toy!  He is very sweet natured, will cuddle with me,  and is a VERY happy baby. He giggles at peek-a-boo, when Hannah roars at him,  and when he is ticked!   In the last few weeks, he has started a new grunting noise,  learned to clap,  loves to eat finger foods,  likes to stand at the window,  discovered that Hannah has JUICE in her sippy cup which tastes a lot better than water :), loves to lift toys and his arms in the air, will reach out to be held, learned how to stand in the bathtub (not a good thing! ), 2 new top teeth (totaling 4),  and will sit and let me read a couple books to him in the morning before he is on the move.  We love him so much!

Ok, and now some pics!

We tried to sleep in a tent...when Hannah was still up at 11:30 we decided the tent can be for play, not sleep. 

Hannah and Great Grandma Witzig

Visiting Great Grandma and Grandpa Witzig in Illinois

Seth and Maya at 8 months

I love this picture!  Seth 8 months