Thursday, September 29, 2011

New Stuff

 Seth is almost 10 months old, and just like the past couple of months, he keeps becoming more and more active :)  He is very sweet natured and almost always on the move!   Some things about out little dude...

-He is not cautious in the least bit.  He finds his way around, down, or up things in his way and is starting to let us know he is not happy! He likes to give high fives,  makings a rolling tongue noise,   picks up and throw balls,  loves to wrestle with Nate,  climbs up onto the dishwasher when it is open and goes up/down stairs,   he is mostly eating all table food now, likes to cruise around with something in his mouth,  likes to stand on his knees,  can stand 5-10 seconds on his own and will sometimes attempt to take a step,  loves to walk with a push toy or holding your hands, doesn't mind having water dumped on his head in the bath,   crawls up your leg when he wants to be held,  diaper changes are very difficult,  does not like the process of putting clothes on,  good sleeper,  has 4 teeth and 2 on their way in, and just goes with the flow. Love him so much!

A few things about our Hannah... She LOVES birthdays!   She is starting to really like princesses and asks to watch videos of them on the touch everyday!  The other night I was going to be gone and whenever I would ask her what she wanted to do with Nate that night, she kept saying "watch princesses"  (and they did ! )!  She likes  to eat her "vi-vi"  aka vitamin,  she loves popcorn and pink lemonade,  and gets excited about macaroni and cheese!  She loves piggy back rides,  she always ask to read "Zacchaeus" and "Paul and Silas" in her bible,  she also asks for the Zacchaeus song often,  she finds H's everywhere and says "H for Hannah",  she can recognize her name in writing,  sometimes when you call her sweetie or something like that she will say, "No, I'm Hannah Clark", according to Hannah her blankie is named Bobby Clark,  she prays for different people all the time including Baby Bop and Barney, she loves to go through my makeup, she is really into putting on her own shoes and socks, she likes to cheer at Nate's football games (and put a pink colander on her head as a helmet), she tries to sit on the potty with little success, we are working on the whiny side of her, but she is sweet sweet sweet! 

after Nate's football game, she kept saying this was her helmet
A few more pictures...Enjoy :)


Lana Joy said...

I just cannot believe how big your kids are! They are precious.

Elaine~ Honey Pie Accessories said...

They're getting so big!