Friday, August 26, 2011

Vacation and Colt's Camp!

These pics are from this summer, but I wanted to make sure they made it on the blog!  We took advantage of Nate's family owning a lake cottage and went there for our little family vacation this year!  It was so relaxing and the kids really love it there.  It was a very hot week with no air conditioning, but we still had fun :)  Hannah asks to go back to the lake often!  We also went to the Colt's training camp with my sister, brother-in-law, and nephew Josiah! It was a lot of fun...GO COLTS!

Maggie and Papa Jack came up to spend time with us at the lake!

New sunglasses!  Hannah loves hers, Seth won't keep them on :) 

Mornings are beautiful at the lake!

Hannah driving the boat!

Seth and Mommy on the boat ride

His army crawl at 7 months

Hannah puts on her hands on her hips all the time!

Happy Seth

Hannah was taking care of her princess!

They really do love each other. It makes me so happy to see them together.

He was sleepy and sporting his Super Bowl Champs bib!

Hannah likes to say "Go Team Go!

My sister Allison, brother in law Paul, and sweet nephew Josiah!

Hannah seemed a little nervous but let this player hold her (not sure his name)!

Next we wanted her to let Gary Bracket hold her...she was terrified! 

We had a great time (other than the crying! )  Have a good week!

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Elizabeth said...

It looks like you guys have had a great summer! The kiddos are adorable!