Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Fun at the Zoo

Hannah has been asking to go to the zoo all summer.  She loves animals and loves watching Barney at the Zoo! I think Seth liked it too! He is such a good baby, just takes it all in and never makes a fuss!  We went with some family and had a great time! Hannah can recall so many specific things from the zoo.  Her memory is very good!  Her favorite stories she tells are about feeding the giraffe, the sharks and dolphins dancing, her cousin Emery racing the cheetah, and the mommy daddy tigers!   Hannah just won passes to the zoo from the library, so looks like we will get to go again soon!! Yay! 

Cousins, Friends, and Aunts!

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Hannah and Grandma feeding the giraffe.  Hannah kept saying "No, no, no, Grandma's turn!"  She didn't like the long tongue!

Petting the sharks!  The sharks would come up and look like the were "dancing"! Hannah talks about it all the time! 

I LOVE her face in this picture. She is running away from the aquarium, terrified of the seal!

Grandma and Hannah looking at the penguins

We really liked the meerkats!

Aunt Amy helping Jed and Hannah see the snakes! 

Seth and Jed having fun!  

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