Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Comparing Pictures

6 months
Here comes a lot of pictures of Seth and Hannah...first few are of him at 6 months and her at 2 years!  The ones at the bottom are comparisons of both of their adorable little faces! 
6 months old

6 months old

Hannah 2 years

Hannah's funny face - 2 years old 

Hannah 2 years old

Hannah's 2 year pic with Maya

 Funny add-ons to our cuties! 

 Ok, comparison pics...do you think they look alike?
 Above, Seth at 6 months.  Below, Hannah at 6 months

 Above, Hannah at 3 months.  Below, Seth at 3 months.

 Above,  Hannah at 1 month.  Below, Seth at 1 month. 


Team Tonagel said...

Whoa baby they look alike! Such cute babes!

Bill Cosby and Penguins said...

Great pictures! They definitely look alike!