Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Cute Things They Say and Do

 As always, we are having the best time living life with our kids.  Below are many pictures and updates on the cute things they are doing/saying/liking these days. 
 They really like each other!  :)
 Hannah loves to sit in this chair in her room and read books.  She spends a good portion of her day doing just that. She really likes when Seth sits next to her while she reads to him and he plays with toys!
 Except when he tries to eat her book or grab her hair!  He is grabbing EVERYTHING and putting it in his mouth.  I love the look she is giving him in the picture below! 

 Seth is 6 months old now so this is being posted really late, but below is his 5 month pic with Maya.  He still doesn't really seem to notice her much.
5 month pic with Maya
 Rollerblading with Daddy...

 Hannah likes smelling flowers.  This picture really reminds me of what Nate looked like when he was this age. 
 Reading...I love how she found a spot on the bookcase by the window
 Maya is being a good listener
 Hannah makes a new craft every week at the library storytime.  I always hang it up and she is SO PROUD!  She will walk by it and say "I MADE"!  Whatever she makes or colors is usually for one of her Grandparents according to her! 
 I think he has enough toys...thanks Hannah
 Hannah LOVES pretending to drive in the cars.  Throughout the day she will say "Daddy Home Drive Prius!"  One time we told her no when she asked to "drive prius."  She replied with " drive cr-v!"  Smart one!
 A few weeks ago we had a couple of bumblebees out on our deck by the watertable and Hannah was terrified of them.  We are still trying to convince Hannah to play out on the deck now! 
 Hannah likes to look at herself in the mirror after I get her dressed in the morning.  Same thing everytime...hands on her hips, a big smile, and a few turns of the head to check herself out! 
 Playing outside in her shades and on the swing.  She always asks for "underdogs!"

 He is our happy baby!  People always comment on how much he smiles and how content he is!   He is beginning to move a lot too!  He rolled over from back to front a few weeks ago and now is rolling all over the place and finding ways to get what he wants!  He has also been sitting up for a few weeks now.  He also locks his little legs when he wants to stand.  He is our strong boy!

 He found his toes and loves to play/suck on them!
 We started him on food this week. He seems to like it pretty well so far. I think his favorite part is grabbing the spoon and sucking on it!  His first food was actually dog food that Hannah fed him!  I found out he ate it after he threw it up in the car!  I'm sure she meant well, ha!

 Seth's first time in the pool. He looks so adorable in his little swim trunks!

 A few more things...

-Common sayings: "ready, set, go", "Hannah's Turn",  "Ouchies all gone",  "mailman coming", "Soon, 2 minutes",  "Coming soon",  "Be back", "I run fast",  "Abracabra-Magic" (as she waves her wand and brings a toy out from behind her back),  "Mommy/Daddy what you doin Mommy/Daddy?",  "What noise?",  "Good Morning Baby Dude (Seth)"
-Stands with her hands on her hips a lot
- Wants people to chase her and likes hide and go seek
-Loves getting her toenails painted
-While running in circles or back and forth and her arms swinging back and forth she says " I exercise"
- Likes to march and sing "Lords Army"
-Her church terms:  Little Church (nursery) and Big Church (where we have the service)
-She likes to use the word "big
- Maggie (Grandma Clark)  broke her foot and Hannah is very concerned about it.  She often prays for "Gee's foot" and then follows it up by saying "Jack help you", meaning Papa Jack will help her.  So sweet.
- loves peanut butter sandwiches

-loves to grab faces
-favorite toy is his plush car and his green frog rattle
- favorite book is Funny Feet (he likes to chew the feet on the book )
-He has been sleeping about 9-10 hours a night and takes 3 naps a day.
-likes to nap in the baby swing
-He weighed 15.5 lbs at his 6 month appointment
-No teeth yet but slobbering like crazy!
-Sweetest giggle and smile

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JeffandTiffanyClark said...

Love all those pictures and the updates! Seriously, you are a wonderful blogger and memory recorder :) I wish I was as good as you. Love how Hannah puts her hands on her hips when she looks in the mirror. Too cute! And Seth is getting so big!!! Love that he found his toes :) Josh just recently (in the last couple months) wants to hold his toes. haha Love you all!