Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Catch Up of Pictures

 Wow, life gets busy in the summer!  I can't believe I haven't posted in about a month.  We have been having so much fun vacationing, playing, swimming, hanging out as a family!  Our kids are the best!  With Hannah being 2 and Seth 7 months, they are at such a fun age!

 Hannah asks to watch "Barney Zoo" every day!  I think these are sweet pics of her laying on the couch, especially cuddling with Maya!
 Little Seth is growing up so fast!! This guy is doing all kinds of things, which is so much fun. He is army crawling EVERYWHERE, fast! He started a few weeks ago and has gotten so good at it.   He follows us from room to room and gets into all kinds of stuff.   He also rocks on all fours a lot, but hasn't figured out how to move without his belly on the ground.  He also LOVES eating food, including puffs and cheerios! 
 Above: Seth after Daddy fed him- wow!  Below: his first taste of peas...not a fan but likes them now!

 Above:  playing in our new sandbox  Below:  Hannah reading to the puppies at the library!

Clark get together!
  Seth:  loves his toes, but most of all loves PAPER!! I have found so much paper in this little guy's mouth!  I am cleaning things out of his mouth often!  He also says baba, mama sometimes and really is such a content happy baby!! 

 Hannah moved into a big girl bed!!! She looks so adorable in it!  Maya sleeps in her room now, and she likes that.  Hannah tried to escape her room a few times, but now that a safety door handle is on the door knob and she knows what we expect of her in the morning, she has been calling for us from her little bed wonderfully! 

Below:  Seth figured out how to pull himself up!! He loves to stand!  He is such a strong boy! 

 Father's Day 2011!  Nate really is a fantastic Dad!  I am so thankful for him!  He is loving, selfless, fun, wise, hard worker...awesome. 
Finally, a couple of cute pics of Seth!

Seth 6 month pic with Maya


Stacey said...

Your kids are soooooooo cute! And I think they look so much alike - love it! Glad you're having a great summer!

Team Tonagel said...

This was the most overly positive blog post I have ever read :) Is your life perfect? I'm jealous!
Your babies are beyond adorable! And whoa, can't believe Seth is so ambitious! What a cutie!
Also love that Maya is sleeping with Hannah... how cute!
And lastly, can't stop laughing at the picture of Nate in the teeny tiny baby pool... sooooo funny!
Ok this is really last... where is the picture of their beautiful mama?