Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring Break 2011

We had a great spring break...time outside, children's museum, visiting grandparents, and just enjoying playing at home together.  Life is really so much fun with our two kiddos! 

Our handsome Seth...4 months old

4 month pic with Maya

He likes the bumbo, but he definitely makes me nervous that he is going to wiggle his way out of it! 

At the Indy Children Museum...Hannah LOVES it there!  Whenever we leave she says "trains again" or "dinosaurs again" for a few days afterward!

She is really into dinosaurs right now.  One of my favorite things she says is "Big Dinosaurs"! It sounds so cute.

Playing in the Dora exhibit.  Hannah really likes "BackPack"!

Seth had fun at the museum too!

Hannah loves riding on the horse at Meijer so we thought she would love the carousel at the museum.  Right before we went on this she rode the individual horse at the museum that was super fast and it scared her.  As a result, she only wanted to ride on the bench on the carousel! Ha!

She loves to pretend play with any type of "kitchen" toys

Playing the drums in the Egypt exhibit

We also went up to Leo and visited family! 
Playing the piano with cousin Lilly!

"No More Monkeys Jumping on the Bed"  

Seth really loves Maggie

Papa Jack having a tea party with Hannah
We recently went to Ag Days at the Muncie Fair Grounds.  We saw lots of farm animals.  Hannah was excited to see them but was scared to touch most of them!

Hannah plugged her nose and said "P-U" at most of the cages!

A few cute things Hannah does...
When she is finished reading a book she closes it and says "amen".
She has now become brave enough to climb up and go down the slide by herself!
She tells us "soon" when I let her know it is almost time for nap or bedtime.
She is really good at puzzles!
Hannah also likes to play "Ring Around the Rosie", and "Duck, Duck, Goose"!
Our little man is such a strong little baby!  He loves to push up on his legs and can stand with not much support for a short amount of time! 
 He likes to look at his hands and blow bubbles!
He now weighs 14 lbs and is sleeping about 8-9 hours at night!

He is also enjoying jumping in the entertainment jumper! He has the best smile and is now squealing with delight all the time!!!

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