Thursday, April 21, 2011

Time with the Ringgers

Ringger cousins...Hannah, Josiah,  Jed, Seth
We have been having so much fun and feel like we have gotten into a good routine with the two kids.  Our days fly by with all the feedings, book readings, and pretending we do :)  I am LOVING the time I have with Hannah and Seth and feel so THANKFUL for the time to be at home with them right now.    The other day we went to the children's museum with my Mom, sister, and cousins!  We had a great time! Below are some pictures from that day and time with my side of the family.  

Grandma Ringger with all the grandkids.  Hannah LOVED pushing Josiah in the stroller! :)

PawPaw and Grandma Ringger with Seth

Aunt Amy with Seth

Aunt Lindsey was getting lots of giggles out of Seth!

Hannah and Josiah created their own little band with my dad!  Every time Hannah sees a guitar (in a book, tv, etc.), she always says "PawPaw"! 
A few new things about the kids...

Hannah with her favorite doll...Baby "D"
-She is going to be 2 tomorrow!!! ahhh!
-When she wants help she says "help you".
-If I feed her with a spoon, she wants me to make a noise to go with it.  Usually she asks for "choochoo", "Elmo song"," puppy" sound, "meow", "Wheels on the Bus", or "ABCs".  It makes her so happy.
-She finds "ucky" things everywhere and wants them gone!
-She goes behind me and closes doors, drawers, and cabinets that I leave open!
- She is really good at pointing out pairs of things. Her favorite is pointing out "two eyes" on people's faces and then immediately saying "no touch"! 
- She loves to sing ABC song...she says "ABC" and then randomly says other letters as we sing the song.
- She had her first lie this week...when I asked her if she tooted after I heard it, she blamed it on the character "Sid" from "Sid the Science Kid" and then blamed it on "Baby D", and then on me!!!
-Everything is "mine" or "my  ____" these days.
- She likes finding planes and the moon in the sky
-She likes to put on my necklaces and look at herself in the mirror!

Seth 4 months old
- He is very ticklish
- Wakes up happy most of the time
- Likes to try and put rattles/toys in his mouth
- He likes to kick his feet in the bathtub
- We had to put the bumbo away because he was stretching his way out of it
- He seems to like when Hannah sits by him and reads or gives him hugs and kisses.
- His face reminds me SO MUCH of Hannah when she was his age!

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