Thursday, March 17, 2011


 Here are some new pictures and fun things the kids are up to...

Above and below- bath time!  Below is Hannah and Seth's first bath together.  
Hannah enjoyed putting bubbles on Seth :)
Hannah LOVES reading books aloud to herself. 

Me with my 2 babies!  I love having them both in my arms at the same time!

Hannah is really good at sorting out our silverware from the dishwasher.  It is her first chore, and she thinks it is fun!

Happy little guy during the day...not quite as happy at night. He was doing a great job sleeping but we have gotten into a bad slump of waking up a lot!  He is just too adorable though.  I can't get enough of his smile.  He started a little giggle this week that melts my heart. 

They don't look very happy in this picture, but they really do love each other.  Seth watches Hannah when she is nearby and gives her a lot of smiles.  I love when I hear Hannah saying "goo-goo" to Seth. She really is such a great big sister. 

We have entered the world of play-dough!

 The other day I was watching Biggest Loser and he was straining his neck to watch the TV!  He loves lights so I am guessing he likes all the flashing.

Seth eyes have turned very blue and his eyelashes are getting so handsome.  He is our little "praying boy".  He usually has his hands together like this when he is sitting up. 
I  like to use this blog for a memory book and plan on printing it out.  So, a few more things I don't want to forget about our Cuties.   

1.She doesn't understand that pictures in books cannot come off the pages!  She scrapes her little finger on pictures hoping they will become real! 
2. She will randomly think of her grandparents, says one of their names and then says "up" out loud as she raises her hands in the air.  She is wishing they were there to pick her sweet.
3. We got a new car and she lets us know she wants to ride in the Prius. I think it is hilarious that is one of her new words among many other words she is learning every day.  She also likes to repeat the last word we say in a sentence. 
4. Some of her new sentences this week..."How are you?", "Thank you Mommy", and "Excuse me".
5. When we ask her to say Happy Birthday, she consistently says "Happy Cake"!
6. She loves the nursery rhyme Hickory Dickory Dock.
7. She had a chance to pet a snake at Nate's school Fun Fair.  Instead of touching it she grabbed a hold of it and Nate had to pry her hand off!!! AH!  
1.  Blowing bubbles and drooling like crazy
2.  Usually starts cooing as soon as we lay him on the changing table
3. Starting to like his blankie!  

Have a great week!



chavarria family blog said...

How adorable are they?!?!
Seth is getting so big!!
Hope your enjoying the nice spring weather! :):)

Team Tonagel said...

I bet you loved getting out of the house today with them. I can't believe how much Seth looks like Nate (do I sound like a broken record??) They are such cuties!! Sad that I won't see them as often now that basketball season is over. Maybe I will crash another family dinner at Ivanhoes. Sending prayers your way to Hannah from Jace!!

Elizabeth said...

They are both beautiful! :)