Friday, February 18, 2011

Getting so BIG!!!

 Our little cuties...

Hannah and Seth are just growing up so fast. Hannah will be 2 in a couple of months and Seth is already almost 3 months old!  I could not be more thankful to get to be full time Mom to these two sweethearts.  Hannah is always making me smile with her fun personality, sweet little voice and belly laugh, and animated expressions. Seth is always making me ooh and ahh over his precious coos, big grin, and his little cuddly body. We are blessed!
2.5 months
 I can't get enough of Seth's smile.  One thing I love that he has been doing every once in awhile lately is  stop eating and just look up at me and smile.  It melts my heart.  (This adorable tie shirt is made by my friend over at Honey Pie Accessories  Check her out!)
 Not only do Nate and I love little Seth, but so does his Big Sister!  Above she is playing "peek-a-boo" with him.  She is always asking where "Baby Seth" is and even offers her blankie to him when he is crying.   Lately she has been asking me to put him in the swing, which he doesn't really love, but she loves to see him in there! Not sure why, but I think it is cute.

Hannah and Daddy

 Hannah watching a video on the ipod touch. We have a piano app on it and she gets a kick out of having Seth play it.  She will take his fingers and have him tap the screen to play the piano.  She loves it! 

Hannah also likes to tickle Seth.  He is such a good sport with all that she does to him!

2.5 months- so cute


Team Tonagel said...

Adorable babies! Seth is starting to look more like Hannah than I originally thought!

JeffandTiffanyClark said...

Love them!!!!!!!!!!!! So excited to see them today! I can't believe how much Seth is smiling! It is adorable!!!! And sweet Hannah, such a great big sister! Love that she wants you to put him in the swing. So funny!