Monday, February 7, 2011

Cold Weather, Coos, and Cubbie-Cubbies

We have had some crazy winter weather, which allowed us down time at the house and play time in the snow!   Although Hannah doesn't want to get out and really touch the snow, she does enjoy sitting in the sled and zooming down the hill!  I love how cute she looks all bundled up in her snow suit!  Below you will see a picture of Seth all cozy and warm in his carseat while Hannah was sledding at the park.  Maggie (Grandma Clark) bought him the most adorable winter hat and I can't help but smile when I see him in it! 

Seth all snuggled up while his sister sleds!  Seriously, look at him in that hat!

2 months-  Loves Daddy

Seth's 2 month pic with Maya

Besides getting some fresh (cold!) air, here are a few new things with the kids...

Hannah:  She has discovered "Cubbie-Cubbies" (translation- teletubbies) and is asking to watch "dvds" and the videos often!  She also asks to play "Wii"  (as she moves her arms around like she is playing the video game) and wants the "i-touch" (Nate's I-pod touch!)  She continues to love technology :)  I crack up at her little language and the way she says words.  She says a lot of words very clearly, but often I feel like that Mom who knows what their kid is saying but other people don't!  Here are some other examples...
book- "poot",  monkey-  "mee-o",  piano-  "pe-o",  penguin-  "pop-pop-pop" (this  sound goes with her adorable "penguin walk" she made up),  turkey sound-  "gob-ee, gob-ee, gob-ee",  elmo-  "elma",  blankie-  "bobby",  color-  "co-be",  Maggie- "Gee"

Besides her developing language, she also loves reading her Bible Story book and has learned the names of David, Daniel, Jonah, Noah, and Jesus!  When she hears or says "Jesus" she folds her hands to pray and almost always wants to pray for "Papa"!  It is very sweet.  She likes to build blocks and then knock them down, loves her shoes, and likes to sniff Seth to see if he pooped.  I wonder where she learned that?!  : )

Seth:  already 2 months old, gives us lots of sweet coos and smiles,  continues to be laid back and a content little guy,  likes to look at lights, if you put him up on your shoulder he will lift his head off and try to look around,  has a bad cough that breaks my heart, loves his paci, and loves to be held

Hannah in her tutu that she got from Aunt Amy!  She asked to wear it this day!


Elizabeth said...

Awww...great pics as usual! I can't believe Seth is two months already -- he is such a handsome little guy!

chavarria family blog said...

They are getting so big!!
Are you heading back to work shortley! It was so much harder for me to go back after I had Max then the first time around! :)