Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hannah and Seth (20 months and 7 weeks)

 There is something so sweet about seeing our two kids together.  Hannah really likes holding Seth, he doesn't seem to mind it, and I think it is just adorable. She usually asks to hold him at least once a day. 

A few new things each of them are doing...

Hannah...speaking in a lot of phrases and saying new words all the time, calls out our names when she wakes up from her naps,  her favorite thing to do is definitely still play with her babydolls, says and signs "more" all the time, she loves going outside to play but doesn't really like the snow, & she loves watching Elmo and animal videos on YouTube! 

Seth...smiling, making eye contact, locks his legs and stands when we try to make him sit up to burp, loves to be held while we bounce on the exercise ball, likes to be all wrapped up in blankets, sweet as can be! 

  Below are a lot of pictures of the two of them!  

 1st smiles- around 6 weeks

7 weeks
How cute is this face?!  :)

Seth has gone 8 hours at night 1 time so far!  Usually he has a 5-6 hour stretch. 

Hannah likes to help entertain Seth while I change his diaper

Hannah loves to empty out Seth's diaper container!!!  She is also really good at emptying out her sock bin, pants drawer, and Daddy's wallet!!!

She loves ringing the doorbell

Seth's 1 month picture with Maya. 

Tummy time!  Have I mentioned that Seth rolled over when he was 13 days old!  He has been doing it ever since!

Grandma Ringger with Seth

Hannah likes to sit behind this curtain and play peek-a-boo

She loves putting socks on her hands.  For awhile, she would always have her sock on her hand when we would come and get her after her naps! 

Finally, our little newborn photo shoot we did at home! 


Team Tonagel said...

They both are really adorable, Erica!!

Stacey said...

Great photos! Do you think Hannah & Seth resemble each other? (I think so, especially in the "7weeks" and "How cute is this face?" photo.) They sure are cuties!

Lana Joy said...

Your kids are beautiful, Erica! Precious babies. So happy for you guys.