Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Christmas 2010

 We had a fabulous Christmas with our two little ones. I have always loved Christmas, but it is even more joyous with Hannah and Seth.  Hannah really loved all the Christmas decorations and opening gifts this year and Seth slept through most of it all :) Everytime Hannah opened a present, she would squeal in delight before she even saw what was in it.   We traveled to Leo for the Clark Christmas, Indy for the Ringger Christmas, home for Christmas Eve, and Illinois for extended family Christmas.  Here are a lot of pics to document it all...

In Leo for Clark Christmas...

Clark cousins

With Papa Jack and Maggie at Christmas

Hannah got her toe nails painted by Emery for the first time!

All the grandkids with Papa Jack and Maggie

Nate, Seth, and I with Great Grandma and Grandpa Clark.  Grandma always cross-stiches a wonderful piece for the Grandkids bedroom. 

Seth with Great Grandma Clark

At home for Christmas Eve and Christmas Morning...
Hannah helping Mommy make Christmas cookies for the first time! She loved eating the sprinkles!

Christmas eve...Hannah actually wanted to get in the crib with Seth and was very happy until we got the camera out!

Christmas morning opening stockings

Seth with his first stocking
Hannah and Seth on Christmas morning

Christmas in Indy with the Ringgers...

Trying out new toys

Hannah got chapstick in her stocking from PawPaw and Grandma Ringgger! She LOVES chapstick!

Seth with PawPaw and Grandma Ringger

Ringger cousins playing with the kitchen

Finally, our Christmas in Illinois.  Below is the whole Witzig family together. We also saw my Ringger grandparents and family  but don't have a picture! Sad.  I think we were pictured out at this point!  

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