Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mother's Day and More

Let me just say I LOVE being a Mom. I had a great Mother's Day with family, but my favorite part was the 1-1 time I had with my sweet 1 year old at bed time. As we were cuddling together on the rocking chair, I had myself a good happy cry as I thought about the great joy she brings me every day. Her little blue eyes looking up at reminds me how blessed I am to be a mom. Her blooming personality just makes us laugh, too. I can't get enough of her own little language as she constantly babbles and changes the expressions of her face. She is trying to say a lot of words which is fun. Many are not very clear yet, but she is communicating!

Above with Maggie and her Clark cousins on Mother's Day.


Swimming scowl... :)

Going off the diving board at swim lessons!

Sitting at her big girl table and chairs that Papa Jack and Maggie got her for her birthday.

Happy Girl!

Walking with her new bike from Grandma and PaPa Ringger for her birthday! She loves to walk with or around anything she can get to. She is still not brave enough to take steps without any help, but her balance is improving and can stand for multiple seconds on her own now.

Finally, she sneaks off to Maya's crate as often as she can!!! Speaking of Maya, she got loose off her chain for about 5 hours the other day. Hannah and I spent many hours pushing the stroller around outside calling her name. I would yell for Maya and clap, then Hannah would do the same. She is really into copying what we do...very cute. Thankfully Hannah likes being outside and thankfully we found Maya!!!
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Casie said...

Love the one of Hannah going off the diving board!! What a big girl!! :) So cute....and the one in Maya's cage - too funny! Glad you got some good one's of Mother's Day! They're all so sweet!