Thursday, May 20, 2010

Taking 1st Steps

Hannah continues to learn and like new things as she turns 13 months this weekend. She is still making her way around by crawling and cruising furniture and walls, but she is taking a few steps on her own now. Below is a short video of her walking. I love how proud and stunned she is!!! Check it out!

One of her new fascinations is her baby doll. My Aunt Susie and Cousin Hannah had gotten it for her before she was even born, but she just now started to notice it. She is very sweet with the doll, playing with her daily. It is so cute to me.

Kisses and hugs for baby doll...

The baby has a magnetic pacifier that she love to take off and put back on.

We didn't get to actually spend time with Grandma Ringger over Mother's Day, so we spent a day with her this past week along with the other cousins.

Hannah loves being outside, but for some reason she is somewhat scared of the grass. She is afraid to move in the grass and basically sits in one position until we move her or put her on the pavement. It is pretty hilarious. Below Nate was working out in the yard and decided to stick her in a box...haha.

Finally, she is sneaking off everywhere and getting into everything. Below she was looking pretty guilty, and decided to share the dog food with me to make up for it!

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Stacey said...

Yay, Hannah! You're such a great walker!