Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hannah's Party

Hannah had a great 1st Birthday party with family and our small group from church.
Enjoy the pics!

Cookies my mom made and a sweet little cake for Hannah that my sister Amy made.

Centerpieces on the tables... baby food jars filled with candy and paper confetti, bubbles as favors, and pics of Hannah the last 12 months!

Great Grandma and Grandpa Ringger made the long trip out to celebrate with us.
It was so nice of them!

Hannah's gifts and the birthday banner I made. I am hoping the banner can be used for many birthdays to come!

Hannah was giving lots of kisses to her cousins!

Below, getting ready to eat some cake!!

She really liked the frosting! She dug right in!

Sharing cake with Daddy and sweet.

Who wants to pick up this messy baby?

Maggie volunteered to clean her up!

Opening all of her gifts...thanks to everyone for their generosity!

Playing with cousins...

With both grandparents...

At the end of the day...she was worn out and so were we! It was a special day!
Happy 1st Birthday to our babycakes Hannah!

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Elaine said...

It looks like she had tons of fun and a wonderful party!

Casie said...

You did a great job on the party, Erica!! And of course, Hannah looked EXTRA CUTE!! I can't believe she has a toddler birthday ticker now - counting down to 2!!!!

Paul and Allison Davis said...

This was so fun! What a wonderful day for a wonderful little girl!