Friday, April 23, 2010

Our 1 Year Old

Miss Hannah had her first birthday yesterday! We are officially celebrating at her party on Saturday, but we had fun yesterday as well. There are so many memories to look back on from this past year. We will never forget her grand entrance into the world and the feeling we had when we held her in our arms for the first time. The love we have for her I can't put into words. Every day of this last year has been filled with joy as she constantly melted our hearts by the little things that she did or just being her sweet unique self. Below is a recap in pics of her first birthday here at home and also some of the new things she is doing. Beware...lots of pics!!!

Usually Nate doesn't get to see Hannah before he heads to work because she sleeps until about 8 (consistently at least 12 hours, thank you Hannah), but this morning was different. We went into her room around 6:30 and sang Happy Birthday to her. She woke right up with a sleepy smile and played for awhile before going back down for an early morning nap! Above is Hannah helping Daddy get his lunch for the day!

Hannah and I got Burger King chicken nuggets for a little birthday lunch treat.
She really liked them! She also loves eating outside on the deck.

We spent some time playing outside in the grass with Maya and taking some birthday pics. See yesterday's post for a few more!!!

When Nate got home from school we took Hannah to the park. She really loves the swing and has gotten good at holding on while we push her. Below is a pic of Hannah getting a birthday kiss from Mama.

And here she is "flying" with Daddy! This is one of their favorite things to do.

Reading birthday cards she got in the mail...

Hannah relaxed with Daddy after dinner...she watched Sesame Street and he took a little nap! This was a very sweet moment! She was cuddly with me earlier in the day too before her naps. She usually doesn't want to cuddle very long and just wants to stretch out in her crib to sleep, but yesterday she let me rock and sing to her for a long time.
She must have known it was a special day :)

Finally, having a little cake ball with one little candle.

Taking her first bite...she liked it ok. We will see if she has a sweet tooth like her Mommy!

The end result...she had red velvet cake which showed up pretty well on her face!!! It was a great day. Can't wait for the big party now! Hannah has always been one to check everything and everyone out before she feels totally comfortable. She is usually pretty deliberate in this, looking from one person to the next and then making sure we approve. We will see how she does with LOTS of people staring at her at her party. Pictures will follow!

And now...a recap of some of the new things Hannah is doing...

We are doing a swim class with her. She cried the first half of the first session, but she seemed to like it much better the 2nd time we got in the water. She is too cute in that little bathing suit!

This is Hannah's new thing to do with Maya. She loves to smother her face into her soft fur, just like she does her blankie. This is usually done as she is giggling. She just thinks it is so fun.

Hannah discovered herself in the mirror awhile back, but lately when she sees herself she can't stop giving herself kisses in the mirror. One day she kept doing it over and over and smiling so was adorable. She is giving Nate and I kisses once in awhile which is pretty sweet as well!

She likes to brush her hair. She will do it when we say the words "brush your hair" !

She loves opening and closing doors.

Hannah is definitely mobile and crawling everywhere. She also is walking with her push walking toy and cruising during most of her play time.

She is very happy when she gets to put food in her mouth! We have given up the baby food jars and she is feeding herself everything now! She usually wants what we are eating! She also really wants to eat Maya's dog food. I have caught her eating it numerous times now!

Being silly with her sippy cup...lately she just starts laughing randomly as she plays. It is funny to see what things she thinks are funny.

She knows how to "blow"on her food. Maybe this will come in handy when she blows out her birthday candle.

Hope you enjoyed the overload of pics. Hannah is one special baby. We love her so so much!

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Casie said...

She is so sweet! Sounds like you guys had lots of fun on her birthday...The chicken nuggets were a great idea! So funny! Oh, and eating Maya's food...that's hilarious :) Great pictures! You know I love when there are a lot!

Elizabeth said...

Thanks for sharing the pics! I love the pictures of her in her swim class ... what a great idea!