Monday, November 2, 2009

Fall Break

Nate had fall break this week, so he was home for 5 days straight! I am staying home this year with Hannah (yippee!), so we were excited to have him around both day and night! Hannah just gets so excited to see him and starts smiling, squealing, and kicking as soon as she hears his voice. We visited family during some of the break, but mostly we were home hanging out. We call Hannah our "home girl" because she is always the happiest when we are home and stick to our routine. We did have a lot of fun, including Hannah dressing up for her first Halloween as our baby bumble bee. I think she looks pretty precious. She also had her first rice cereal meal, which she really loved. She was really into it and did great. She also experienced pumpkins for the first time and got to play with cousins! She is so much fun! See the pictures below!

Hannah with her newest cousin, Elena!
Hannah and Emery giving each other cousin hugs on Halloween!

Mommy and Hannah on Halloween! Thanks Aunt B. for the cute orange sweater!

Checking out the baby pumpkin!

Our little pumpkin :)

Eating the rice cereal!

Hannah with Great Grandpa and Grandma Clark!!! She liked bouncing on Grandma's knee!

Have a great week!


Jessica Fuller said...

Don't blink! They grow up too fast! Just think, next year, instead of rice cereal, she'll be eating all the candy she gets from trick-or-treating! :)

Stacey said...

What a cute bunble bee! I love the pics of her with the pumpkins, too!

Elaine said...

Erica- You have a beautiful baby girl and now she has an adorable turkey clippie to wear Thanksgiving day! Congratulations :) I'll bring the clippie to church on Sunday!