Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Fire Trucks and Beans

Hannah and I went to a local fire station this week with one of the mommy/baby groups I have joined. We have been staying busy with a mom's group of girls from church, MOPS, and also Mommy and Me. It gets us out of the house and with other adults and babies at least a couple times a week, so we are really enjoying it ( maybe more me than her at this point)!!! Above is Hannah sitting on the front of the fire truck. As a good mom, I remembered her hat to keep her head warm, but no socks...not so good. Ah!! She didn't seem to mind :)
Hannah trying to drive the truck in the front seat! So cute!

Sitting in the front of the fire truck! I wish I could have gotten the whole truck in the pic to show how little she looked, but there were kids running all over!!!

On a side note, Hannah has been doing an awesome job eating baby food! She has quite the appetite and really loves eating time. The first pic (below) is what she usually looks when eating.-extremely happy. The last pic is of her eating green beans...not so happy. She hated them and refused to swallow and instead just stuck out her tongue and gagged. I guess we will have to try them again later!!! She is so funny!

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LissaNaylor said...

We sure had a great time today too! :) Glad you all could come!

Jessica Fuller said...

My 3rd would not eat any jarred/canned baby food or any of the baby cereals. Believe me I tried everything on lots of different occasions. One day I decided to bake a sweet potato and then puree it in the food processor. I gave him a bite and for the first time EVER he actually opened his mouth for more. His eyes got really wide and he couldn't eat enough. After that I just started buying frozen veggies, cooking them, running them through the food processor and then freezing them in small containers. I wish I would have known how easy homemade baby food was when I was raising my first 2 kids! :) But I do remember my daughter (who is now almost 8) gagging on green beans just like Hannah. :)