Friday, October 23, 2009

6 Things for 6 Months!!

Hannah is 6 MONTHS OLD...half a year already! She is doing new things all the time! Here are just 6 things she does at 6 months old that
we think are pretty cute!

1) She can sit up by herself!!! (above) As you can see from the picture, Daddy is so proud! :)

2. She reaches for EVERYTHING! She will go to great lengths to get what she wants!
3. She has enough hair to hold in a bow!! It's also pretty fun to sit on Daddy's shoulders!

4-6 videos below
4. She melts our hearts when we hear her sweet giggle! (top video)

5. Jumpin Jumpin Jumpin ( 2nd video)

6. Hannah has found her voice! She loves to squeal! (3rd video)

Our sweetheart is growing up so fast. Hannah has a new cousin, Elena Kate, born to Adam and Casie this past week (congrats to them)! It is amazing to see a little newborn and then see Hannah and think how much babies change right before your eyes!
We are having the best time with her!

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