Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Birthdays, Birthdays, Birthdays

The month of September is full of Birthdays on both the Ringger & Clark sides! This post is in honor of some of our family members who celebrated a birthday this past month. We have the best family and are so thankful for their influence on our precious Hannah, who is already 5 months old (included is her 5 month pic with Maya).

I celebrated my 28th birthday on the 27th. Yes, I got a Snuggie for my birthday. It is awesome :) And a pic of my sweet baby with me on my birthday! She is the best gift ever.

My nephew Jed also celebrated his 1ST birthday on the 25th. Here he is on his new John Deere tractor! The next picture is of him eating his cake!

My sister Amy celebrated her 32nd birthday on the 2nd! She is the mom of Jed :)

Hannah's cousin Emery celebrated her 2nd birthday on the 14th! She is riding Jed's new horse and being a big cousin by helping Hannah put the paci in her mouth!

My sister in law Tiffany celebrated her birthday on the 22nd. She is having a baby in March...yay!

Uncle Steve and Aunt Bonnie also celebrated birthdays in September...the 6th and 14th.

Last but not least, sweet little Lilly was born on the 2nd to Ryan and Kristin.

My Grandma Ringger (who was pictured in the previous post) had a birthday. Also, my cousins Ben, Erin and Tyler also celebrated a birthday. I hope I'm not missing anyone :) We love you all!

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