Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Weekend Baby Shower

Happy Easter to everyone! I was sorta hoping for an Easter baby, but considering it is Sunday evening and no labor signs are present, I guess she is just not ready to come! We did have a wonderful weekend with family celebrating our risen Lord and the miracle of life he has put inside of me! We had our fourth and final shower on Saturday with family and a few very close family friends. The shower was hosted at my sister Allison's house, and everything was amzing and wonderful. It was great to have everyone there. All the showers have been so much fun, but now we are ready for this baby to come so we can use it all!!! Once again, we are overwhelmed with all of the gifts we have received and the generosity and excitement people have shown to us. We feel very ready for this baby after getting the last few things we needed: sleepers, diaper bag, changing table, pack n play, and lots of little cutesy and practical baby things. I had so much fun putting everything away tonight in the nursery. I am being put on hold by Nate to wash anymore pink things until the baby arrives though , just in case our ultrasound tech wasn't seeing things clearly! We have definitely planned for a little girl, but I guess you never really know until the baby arrives! One of my favorite gifts was the blanket my Mom has been knitting away on since we found out she was a girl. It turned out beautiful and I absolutely love it. It is such a wonderful gift from Grandma :). We feel so blessed to have such support and love from all of our family and friends. Thank you to everyone who was at this really meant a lot and was so much fun. The pictures above are various shots from the shower and in the following order:
1. my aunts, cousins, and Grandma from my Mom's side of the family, plus my Mom, sisters, and nephew Jed
2. the tray full of items that will go in our diaper bag that were part of a game we played
3. my sister in law, Mother in law, and aunt from Nate's side, and close family friends that attended
4. a picture of the baby blanket my Mom knitted for our baby girl
5. my sweet neice Emery touching the baby was so precious

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