Monday, January 12, 2009

25 Weeks!

We are now a little over 25 weeks along and doing well. We are back into the routine of school after our wonderful break. It was funny to see some of the reactions from students at my school who didn't know I was pregnant. One little second grader saw my belly and kept saying over and over to her friends "I can't believe Mrs. Clark got pregnant today!" I tried to explain to her that I have been pregnant for awhile, she just must not have been able to tell, but it wasn't making sense to her. It was funny. Nate and I had our first baby "class" last week at the hospital. We met with a RN and went over basic stuff about my pregnancy, filled out some paperwork, and got info on other classes to take. The picture below is from Nate and I's most recent date to the Frank Caliendo show in Indy. We had so much fun. People have been telling us to appreciate the time we have now , because finding time out alone gets much harder once we have kids. It is crazy to think that in only a few months we will be heading to the hospital to have our baby!

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mols said...

Erica! You look so good! You're going to be one beautiful momma:-) Glad to hear that things are still going well with your baby girl!