Monday, January 19, 2009

Our little athlete

We had another appointment today (a little over 26 weeks). Thankfully, everything is still going well and we seem to be right on track. I had the glucose screening for gestational diabetes where you have to drink some sweet orange drink and then get your blood drawn an hour later. Because of my major sweet tooth, I actually liked the drink. I thought it tasted good, which I hear is not usually the case. One exciting thing is that we have now reached the point that I start going to appointments every 2 weeks instead of every 4 weeks! That means we are getting closer!! The baby has also been kicking away, which I love. It is amazing the amounts of movement I feel when I am relaxed. Check out the pic of those little legs and feet that are dancing around inside of me! I went and visited Nate's classroom today and showed his class our ultrasound pictures. One of the little girls asked me if it felt like the baby was cheer leading inside of me. I guess it does, but we would like to think she is just getting her legs strong for some volleyball :)


Liz Todd said...

Wow--PRECIOUS picture!

Bring on the baby!

Allison said...

Hi! It's Allison! I love the picture of your baby because she already has leg muscles - just like her mama!!! : ) So precious!
Love you, Erica!