Friday, January 6, 2012

Christmas 2011- Part 1

 We had a wonderful Christmas Day with our own little family this year.  We spent a lot of time with extended family during the break (those pics to come), but we were happy to be home together on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  When we were putting Hannah to bed on Christmas Eve, she started to get really upset.  When asked why she was crying, she said she was scared about Santa coming into our house to bring presents!  She felt completely comforted when I told her Santa would just drop the presents from the sky and under the tree :)  In the morning when she saw the presents, she said "Santa dropped the presents behind the gate!"  Both the kids loved opening the presents and stockings, as well as Daddy's scrambled eggs and waffle breakfast! That was probably Seth's favorite part of the day! Hannah retold the Christmas story numerous times and sang her version of ""Away in a Manger"! Precious memories!
Opening the last window on the advent calendar Christmas morning!

Santa Seth

Reading new books with Daddy

Stocking goodies

New presents

Merry Christmas 2011!

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