Sunday, November 20, 2011

Kid Updates

I'm going to recap the last month or so since I am behind.  I print the blog so there is A LOT of writing below for our memories.  Enjoy the pics:)

watching football with Daddy

Seth climbed into the toy box

This kid loves to eat. He is super messy...I dread cleaning him up

As soon as he hears the dishwasher open, he makes a mad dash to get in it!

Starting a new fashion statement. This is how I found him in the morning

Hannah was hiding from Seth

Playing dolls together.  Hannah was dressing them, Seth was trying to eat them.

Hannah has been eating a lot of apples this fall

Seth loves the bath, but he is always wanting to stand up in it!

Seth and Maya 10 months

Both our kids love their blankies right up by their faces

I love her expression here.  She is really into cleaning with this spray bottle

Seth loves his bottle.  Not too much longer until we put those away...sad.

Turkey craft!

Seth snuck off and I predicted he was up to no good.  When I came into his room, he was sitting here so sweetly reading his books.  It made me so proud. 
Seth and Hannah have really been enjoying each other lately.  It is cute to see them play with each other. Sometimes it makes me nervous because they try to wrestle, but Seth holds his own!  A lot of times Hannah will be talking away and I'll respond to her and she'll say, "No, I'm talking to Seth."   :)

Seth during his 10th month...
- waving all the time
- will do "SO BIG" when prompted
- when he gets excited he waves his arms up and down
- bangs on things
-stood for 10-15 secs on own
- taking 8-10 steps
- gives kisses to himself in the mirror
- put his hands together when we say "let's pray"
- swallowed a button battery!!!!  I set a timer down on the table and came back and the back was missing and the battery was no where to be found!  After a trip to the emergency room, xray to confirm it was in there, and 3 poopy diapers to dig through, it made its way out! No harm done, just a good story, ha!

at 11 to 11.5 months...
-  blowing kisses
-  gives kisses and makes a little pucker noise when you say "Give me a Kiss!"
- hits himself in the head when you ask where his head is
- loves pumpkin bread 
- WALKING!! He is walking everywhere, turning in circles, and loves to carry things around with him
-  wants Hannah's toys...they are both learning to share!
- lots of baby chatter and squeals

Hannah 2.5

- Potty Trained!!! She is still wearing pull-ups at night and during naps, but she almost always wakes up dry so I'm hoping to get rid of those soon.  Thankfully she got the hang of it quickly and likes keeping her princess panties dry!  When she puts them on, she tells the princess " I'm going to keep you dry princess"!
- She knows the difference between girl/boy and boy/man
-  When pronouncing words with l's and y's, they come out as the "h" sound
- She speaks in full sentences most of the time
- likes to use words like beautiful, awesome, perfect, hooray
- She likes to pretend like her baby dolls are "dirty/stinky" and changes their diapers. She also puts them to sleep. This includes turning out the lights, laying them on a blanket, turning on the fan and the music, singing twinkle twinkle to them, and NOT going into the room because "Baby D is sleeping!"
- In the morning when she wakes up, she usually says " I had a BIG nap!"
- When coloring, she is trying to stay more in the lines, coloring specific things like just the shoes or face
- Instead of saying "mine", she says "mice".  I wonder how long she will be saying "That's mice".  I'm not stopping her, ha!
- She loves to ask and answer "What's your best? (aka what do you like best or your favorite).
-  She likes to point out who her friends are.  For example, "Papa Jack is my friend", or "Daddy is my friend", or "Pee is my friend"!  :)
- She is still telling me happy birthday at times, and it was in September. I think she loved my reaction to her so she keeps doing it.  She does know that her birthday is in the month of April. 
- She changes her socks at least a few times a day
- If you ask her to do something and she doesn't want to, she will say "No, I'm busy"
- She likes to shop :)
- She can finally jump off the ground!

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