Saturday, November 12, 2011

Garden Themed Halloween

 Seth and Hannah were our little pumpkin and pretty flower this year for Halloween!

  Our local library has "trick or treat" stations on Halloween, so we went there before we headed around the neighborhood.  We got the kids picture taken with the Halloween backdrop and Hannah made a "mummy sucker" while we were there. 
 Hannah liked going up to the houses to get her candy, but most of the time she wanted Nate or I to come along. Towards the end of our time, she was starting to get brave and do it herself, but then she spotted a man in a full body gorilla costume.  She is usually terrified of full body costumed characters,wants to be held and can't think about anything else.  As in the past,  once she saw that gorilla, all she wanted to do was GO HOME! She didn't care about the candy anymore ...
 Until we made it to our house.! Below is right before we went inside to dig into the candy! 
Seth's version of eating candy...he is satisfied with the wrapper.  Hannah loved the chocolate :)

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