Sunday, November 28, 2010


We are so thankful for this little girl!  
We had a great Thanksgiving weekend with family.  We definitely have MUCH to be thankful for! All the Clarks were together on Thursday which was a lot of fun.  Hannah was happy to spend some time playing with Aunt B. (above) and her and Uncle Steve's new puppy Ruby (below)!  

Of course, Hannah was able to get some quality time with Papa Jack and Maggie (Grandma).

She loves playing with Daddy as well (below) , but usually she cries when we have to take her away from both sets of grandparents. I am glad she loves them so much!  We spent time with the Ringger side over the weekend, but sadly no pics to document all the fun we had!  


We have also spent some time preparing for our family to grow very soon!  I am 39 weeks today and thankfully still feeling pretty well.  I have definitely been blessed with a great pregnancy and love feeling this little guy move all over.  We are ready to meet him though and hope he comes sometime this week! 
Hannah in "Baby Brother's" crib!  We are going with the sports theme for his nursery. 

38 week baby belly! Hannah has been coming up to my stomach and saying "baby"! Hope she is ready for his arrival!

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