Thursday, November 18, 2010

Always something new

A few new things about Hannah...

1.  She loves to bring Nate and I our shoes and try to put them on our feet.  She also likes to put them on her feet (see above)!

2.  She loves to sweep with her ball popper.    

3.  She always makes the train noise when she hears a train.  The other morning I was watching her in the monitor.  She was just sitting there with her pacifier in her mouth,  playing with her dolls and books. She heard the train, took out her paci, said "choo choo" and then put her paci right back in.  It was so cute.

4.  She likes to give Nate and I hugs and point to us and say "My Daddy" or "My Mommy".  

5.  Hannah and I always pray on our way to the sitter in the morning.  This week when we turned down the street that she lives on,  Hannah automatically folded her hands together to pray before I even said anything.  It was so sweet. 

6. She likes to say "It's hot"  for hot drinks or food.  

7.  In preparation for the baby,  we have the car seat sitting in the baby's room.  Hannah loves to go into the room, put her baby dolls in the car seat, and rock them like crazy.  

8.  She still loves Maya so much, but she makes sure she tells Maya "MINE" if Maya tries to take her snack!! 

Finally, below are a couple of pics from Nate's 30th birthday celebration a few weeks back.  Both sides of our family came to celebrate which was so much fun.  
Here is Nate and Hannah with a couple of his brothers, nieces and nephew, and his parents.  
Almost 38 weeks pregnant!!!  We can't wait for baby to arrive!  Have a great week!
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Stacey said...

Happy Birthday, Nate! I've been thinking about you, Erica, and wondering if that li'l boy decided to come early! I hope you have a great Thanksgiving...only a few weeks left as a family of 3!