Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What Hannah Likes

We have been having a great summer so far! We have been staying busy, thus the lack of blog posts in the last couple of weeks! The baby in my belly is doing great. We went to the doctor today and I am measuring right at 17 weeks and the heartbeat was at 150. We have our ultrasound in a month!!! Our big baby makes us laugh every day and we are loving all the time we both get to spend with Hannah during the summer. The other day when I picked her up from the church nursery, the worker told me "She is the funniest baby!" We agree...she has quite the personality. Above is Hannah with her new "ball sprinkler" that Uncle Jeff & Aunt Tiff got her for her birthday. At first she didn't want to get to close, but she ended up soaking wet and really enjoying it. She really likes being outside, regardless of what she is doing!!!
She uses her pointer finger to do everything!! She has definitely learned to point to what she WANTS!
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Above...she loves drinking out of a straw.

Below...instead of throwing her up in the air, Nate now lets her fall backwards in his arms. She loves it!

She like to lounge on the couch! Usually she is on the go, but once in awhile she likes to take a break and lean back on the couch with us and relax.

Next, she likes to play on the bed. Below are some pics when she was hiding in our big comforter! Usually, she likes to try and bounce on the bed. In her crib, she has the balance to stand and walk around on the mattress, which she chose to do the other day (as well as read books) instead of taking her nap! She is a great sleeper usually though, which we are thankful for!

Finally, she likes to carry around as many things as she can fit in her arms! She usually has at least 1 thing in each hand as she strolls around the house. She also loves to take all those things and put them inside various containers...cabinets, candles, wipes containers, bags. It is very cute. We are figuring out her favorite hiding places :)

Have a great day!
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